As I transition from vacation time to school schedules (and back again), homework and after-school activities, I often feel overwhelmed.  How am I going to remember four schedules, assignments, and responsibilities?  To be honest, I don’t always remember.  It’s embarrassing, but I have forgotten parent-teacher conferences, doctor’s appointments, class snacks, spirit week, and many more things that I can’t remember right now. (See what I mean?) In fairness to myself, I read an article the other day about sleep deprivation and how the brain essentially eats itself if you don’t get enough sleep, leading to memory loss and other cognitive dysfunction. Remembering years of newborns and sleepless nights where I would pray for one REM cycle–just one, I wasn’t asking for miracles, might just explain my memory issues. Anyway. For those people also suffering from memory loss associated with parenting, or MLAP, for short, a giant whiteboard calendar may be your solution.

After searching for the right one ( a white board that is big enough to fit everything and see from a distance), I found the perfect one. I personalized it to be my family’s monthly calendar, with enough space in each square to write daily tasks, activities, and when I’m really organized, our daily meals.  It looks like this:


This calendar has been life changing for me. While in the kitchen, I can refer to my giant calendar and understand what my day looks like. It has been worth the hefty price and I recommend either this specific calendar from or one that is similar. An organized schedule is priceless.

How do you keep your life together?


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