This last weekend marked the fourth anniversary of losing my Mom. She died suddenly, with little warning at the age of sixty two.  I have missed her every day since her soul left this earth.

What I cherish now are photos of my Mom, especially photos of us together. To my dismay, I realize that I have so few of us together in the last few years of her life.

We moved closer to my parents house two years before Mom died– just an hour and a half door to door! We saw each other every month or several times a month and I loved it. My kids and I delighted in “Memaw time.” We would drive down to my childhood home or my parents would come to my house. It was heavenly.

While we spent so much time together in the last two years of her life, we didn’t document much of it with photographs.  Really, just a dozen or so photos capture these years. I would spend hours sitting next to her or across from her just talking and laughing, and I never stopped to pick up my phone or camera and take a quick picture. This is one of my biggest regrets.

Last week, we had our family pictures taken. Our photographer told me that many women are having their children photographed every year, but don’t want to be in the pictures. “My hair is a disaster” or “I’m not dressed for a picture” they protest as she encourages them to get in at least one picture with their kids. She assures them that her children will look back on that moment with love, and not embarrassment. Having lost my Mom too early, I agree with this sentiment. Moms, get in the picture!

And take a picture with your own mom. I promise that any picture you have of her will become a treasure and pictures of the two of you together will be priceless.






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