This week we left our house that we  have lived in for five years. Moves are hard. Leaving the familiar and venturing into the unknown is a bit terrifying, and even stressful. I have always said that I could live anywhere and be happy. I almost prided myself on my flexibility. International move? No problem. I’ve lived in Germany, moved there not speaking a single word of German, and now? Es geht doch.

This time, however, I realized that I am not as flexible as I once thought. In fact, my happiness seemed quite dependent on my address. How can I be happy anywhere else I wondered? The flexibility went out the window, and I felt about as rigid as cold steel.

As I have accepted moving, I am finding my heart softening again. I have lists of things that I want to do in my new city, ways I want to decorate my new home, and goals for making new friends. I am making room in my life for new experiences and new relationships. Happiness is not found in a certain location, but within ourselves. And I choose to live in happiness.


So, farewell, House. Our new Home awaits…


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