imageimageMy good friend Katie introduced me to the idea of Friday field trips in the summer.  We started this tradition last year and the kids loved it so much, we are continuing this summer.  We visit places within an hour of where we live-the Charlotte metro area. To start off the summer, we went to the Discovery Place in uptown Charlotte.

Highlights of our field trip included:

*the fish with a nose that really liked the kids ( he hung out next to us in the tank for a good five minutes, we were convinced he would have followed us home if he could have)

*the 3D Penguin movie- those molting baby penguins were strange and delightful

*witnessing the turtle kiss- who knew that turtles were so affectionate

*making a stop photo animation movie in one of the new exhibits

*racing cars that we built ourselves


*the man that answered his phone during the Penguin movie and kept repeating, “really? That’s stupid!”  

*the middle school field trip that was there at the same time- lots of gangly Tweens literally running amok.  They almost ran over Poochie several times.

What fun places do you have on your calendars this Summer?





One thought on “Friday Field Trip- Discovery Place

  1. I love the field trip Friday idea and will have to do the same…once I have kids. Since it is just my husband and myself, we are able to travel a little more. We just took a road trip for the weekend to San Antonio. We plan on taking a road trip to Austin, Galveston and maybe New Orleans, we’ll see about that one.


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