Next week is the last week of school for my kids.  Book bags and lunch boxes will be put away in closets and we won’t need them in our “Landing Zone” for the Summer months.  I’m getting a head start and cleared out the Landing Zone this morning.  When we moved into our house, we only had a tiny coat closet under the stairs and that was the only closet on the first floor, besides the pantry.  With four kids, this was a dearth of closets.  It was challenging–asking the kids to put away their book bags and shoes always led to the question- Where, Mom?  For my birthday a few years ago, I had my Dad build me a Landing Zone.  I am lucky to have a dad with a wood workshop in his garage.   He loves woodworking and even made all of his kitchen cabinets.  I’ll house crash his kitchen soon to show off his hard work.  His kitchen took about two years to finish (he worked on it after a full day of work and on weekends, so it took a long time), but it so gorgeous and completely custom made by him.  So, for such a Dad, a small landing zone was not out of the question.  For weeks, I sent him pictures that I pinned on Pinterest of my favorite landing zones so he understood what I was talking about, “landing zone” was not then in his vocabulary for parts of a home.  When he felt like he understood my vision, he came by and took measurements.  I drew a picture of what I wanted, and then off to the garage workshop he went.   It turned out beautifully, and has been housing book bags, jackets, and countless shoes ever since.  On any given day, it looks like this:



To get ready for Summer, I weeded out the coats and bags, winter shoes, random slippers, and toys that have accumulated.  It’s hard to see, but there is a giant candy cane hanging from one of the coat hooks.  See if you can find the top of it… kidding.  It is now ready to host hats and summer pool bags.  And looks like this:


Bonus picture of Poochie, wearing a book bag that I just put away–maybe it will stay out a little longer. 🙂 How are you preparing for Summer?  What are you Summer-izing at your house?  I’d love to have more ideas to get me ready.  🙂



2 thoughts on “All Clear in the Landing Zone

  1. I wish I had something more exciting/less depressing to share, but we’re getting ready for hurricane season here in Houston. Each week we’ve been picking something to buy extra. This past week was water. We have a two week water supply and boy does it take up space! I actually thought of how we could build a food storage unit from your post, so thank you!


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