Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!  Even though this post is going up the day after (I was too busy enjoying the day with my family).  Memorial Day is a special day for me, when I remember my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War, WWI, and WWII. My husband’s grandfather is also a Korean War veteran.  I consider myself a Patriot, I love my country and I honor those who have fought for it.  I also remember my Mom, who passed away a year and a half ago.  I still miss her every day.

To honor Memorial Day this year, we decided to do a house project that we called our own Memorial Garden.  We told the kids about it to get them on board and went off to Lowes.  We purchased a few plants:  Rose of Sharon, Lavender, and Spirea.  We already have two rose bushes, which are looking pretty sad, so I picked up some fertilizer to hopefully perk them back up.


This is the stuff.  Has anyone tried it?  Has it worked for you?  I’ll report back in a few weeks or months and let you know what I think of it.

So, back to the garden.  Right now, our garden bed has no edging to keep the mulch in place when it rains.  Slowly, all of our mulch has been washing down the sidewalk into the lawn and collecting in the grass.  Every now and then, I try and sweep it back into it’s proper home, each time thinking that I have got to buy edging to keep it in place!  Well, the time has come and after a bit of internet research, I decided on some manufactured stone bricks by Allen+Roth, sold at Lowes.  They are about 10″ long, the website says 12″, but that is a bit generous in my opinion.  Take my word for it, they are a bit over 10 inches.  At $1.88 per stone, they are not cheap, but also don’t break the bank.  And I think they look much classier than some other options out there.  You can install them in straight or curved areas, which was perfect for our curving garden bed.  A close up of a single stone brick…


And a picture of the saddest front garden bed ever.  It is begging for some attention.



For our yard, we needed 22 stone bricks. We had Sam and Julia lay the stones along the edges, a task they thoroughly enjoyed because it was Tetris-like in nature–lining up the stones in the right order and direction.  Any job that is like a game is a good job in their book.  With the edging in place, things were looking a lot better.  I mean, a lot.


I trimmed up the hedges a bit and James planted the Rose of Sharon, Lavender, and the three golden Spirea.  The Spirea should look awesome in the Fall when they turn red, I’m so excited.  Then we mulched.  The past few times, we have bought cedar mulch and we love it.  It has a fabulous smell and it repels insects, which to me, is a huge bonus in South.  Any little help to keep the pests away.  So after sweeping up the sidewalks, our garden bed now looks like this…


I love it.  Hopefully, the Knock-out roses do come back to their former glory now that they have been fertilized.  The lavender smells lovely.  And I can’t wait to see the Rose of Sharon bush grow, it’s flowers are so beautiful.  What did you do for Memorial Day?  Did you eat out for lunch and dinner like we did because we were too tired to make food?  🙂  Whatever you did, I hope you took a moment to remember those who have gone on and said a little “thank you” in your heart for being part of your life.  I know I did.  Love you, Mom.



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