So our bathroom grout was looking a bit brown.  Which would be fine, except our grout is supposed to be white.  I have tried every cleaning product I could find to whiten my grout.  Oxyclean, bleach, Soft scrub, Tilex, baking soda and vinegar, hot water, etc. No products that I tried could return my grout to white.  After a bit of internet research, I found a few people who have used a product called “Grout Renew.”


This is the color I used (Bright White), although it comes in several colors.  I used a small art paint brush and painted the Grout Renew into the grout lines, wiping up the excess with a paper towel when I got it on the tile.  I have to admit, it was a slow process.  The entire Master Bathroom took about five hours.  But, it looks amazing now.  Like a brand new floor.  I’m in love.  Here is an in-process photo.


Notice my paper bowl with paintbrush- my super professional tools for the job.  The far end of the bathroom shows the area that was “renewed,” while the brown grout in front is screaming for help,”Renew me!”  I have to apologize for the lighting in my photos, this bathroom has one large window that gets continual sun all day and makes shadows that make it hard to photograph and I am not a professional photographer!

So the end result is lovely.  I am so happy with my white grout lines and new again looking tile floor.  Hooray for this home project!  I was not paid in any way for this post, nor was I given the Polyblend Grout Renew, I bought it myself at Home Depot and consider it money well spent.  If your grout is in good shape, but just discolored, this really is the perfect solution for you.  Give it a try, I recommend it.


The finished floor!  So white and clean looking, it makes me proud.





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